First physical meeting of the Assessment committee since the Corona crisis
March 15th, 2022, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

Today, the first meeting of the assessment committee of the Saving Lives Foundation in 2022 took place, the first physical meeting in two years’ time!

The upcoming weeks, the Saving Lives Foundation will donate 5 Mindray AED’S to 3 different European organizations!

SLF during the Corona crisis
2020, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

Since March 2020, due to corona, there were nearly no special activities of the Saving Lives Foundation. CPR training was difficult during these times and there were not many organizations reaching out for the SLF.

Medio 2021 the Saving Lives Foundation is starting up again with even more energy and motivation than before!

SLF donates a Heartsine AED to Sports Association United Davo
October 2019, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Sports club United-Davo, located in Haarlem (Schalkwijk) has recently acquired an AED Defibrillator.
This AED has been donated by the Foundation and is a Samaritan PAD 350P model.
S.V. United-Davo is very happy with this donation and now has the opportunity to take adequate action in the event of incidents on the field and also in the surrounding area, as the AED can of course also be used by local residents. The outskirts of Haarlem-Schalkwijk was until recently a white spot on the AED map.
The AED is suspended just inside the gate and can also be accessed by the immediate neighbours who can allow access to the closed complex to emergency services.

SLF is attending the Congress of the European Resuscitation Council
September 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Saving Lives Foundation had a stand at this year’s European Resuscitation Congress from 19 to 21 September 2019.  The 2019 congress was hosted in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. We hope that our presence at the most important European congress within the resuscitation world, has raised the profile of the Saving Lives Foundation. We will keep you updated!

SLF supports Wheels for Gambia with an AED
August 2019, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

The Saving Lives Foundation occasionally supports other charities. Earlier this year the Foundation came into contact with the “Wheels for Gambia” initiative, which is an initiative aiming to stimulate the economy which is largely dependent on tourists, by donating a 4×4 car to the local population. This car will be driven personally to the Gambia by the initiators and presented to the community complete with an AED donated by the Saving Lives Foundation. Hitting two birds with one stone!

SLF gives away an AED during “Somertijd Reanimatiedag”
May 2019, Baarn, The Netherlands

The Saving Lives Foundation has donated another AED. This time the handover of the device (a DefiSign Life AED) took place during the Somertijd Resuscitation day, at Soestdijk Palace. The Somertijd Resuscitation day is the initiative of Rob van Someren, a valued ambassador of the Saving Lives Foundation. During the Resuscitation day, an attempt is made to teach as many people as possible basic CPR knowledge. At various locations throughout the Netherlands, people are given an explanation of how to perform CPR and can practice themselves on CPR manikins. The Saving Lives Foundation supports the Resuscitation Day and is happy to contribute by giving away an AED during this great event.

SLF hands over very first defibrillator
November 2018, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

The Saving Lives Foundation gave away its very first defibrillator on Friday 9 November. The DefiSign Life AED was presented by Chairman Pieter Joziasse, to the tennis club LTC Dos in the Netherlands. This tennis club is situated in a wooded area on the beach, where there are a lot of sports venues and many tourists. The defibrillator will be placed on the outside fence of the tennis club, ensuring that it is always accessible to everyone. We think that the defibrillator has been given a good place, allowing many more people access to the device. Of course we always hope that the device does not have to be used in the future.

SLF welcomes members of the Advisory Committee
September 2018, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

The Saving Lives Foundation has been able to add two valuable members to its Advisory Committee in recent weeks:

Prof. Dr. Jan Peter Balkenende and Rob van Someren.

We are proud that both gentlemen are committed to pursuing the interests of the Foundation.

More information about what motivated Jan Peter Balkenende and Rob van Someren to join the Advisory Committee can be found here.

Prof. Dr. Jan Peter Balkenende
Prof. Dr. Jan Peter Balkenende
Saving Lives ambassadeur Rob van Someren
Rob van Someren (c) Radio 10 / William Rutten

Establishment of the Saving Lives Foundation
March 2018, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

The Saving Lives Foundation is officially established at Sauer and Oonk Solicitors.

The Saving Lives Foundation is the idea of Medisol BV, but operates entirely independently from Medisol. Naturally Medisol plays a powerful role in supporting the ambitions of the Saving Lives Foundation, but when it comes to the ideology, concrete ideas, planning and implementation of the Saving Lives Foundation, it is a completely independent organisation.

The aim of the Foundation is to maximize the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest in Europe. We do this by stimulating preventive health measures, encouraging scientific research into the causes of cardiac arrest, encouraging education and training in the field of resuscitation and by promoting the purchase and use of defibrillators.
More specifically, the Foundation wants to support the purchase of defibrillators for organizations and institutions that are not in a financial position to make this purchase themselves.

Establishment of the Saving Lives Foundation: Pieter Joziasse
Establishment of the Saving Lives Foundation: Anne – Marieke Wieman (left) and Pieter Joziasse (right)